This blog has been set up as a place where you can come for updates and news about my stories. Though A Whole Lotta Trouble has its own blog, this will be the home for Carousel and Second Chances. Carousel was originally written for The Fandom Fights Back: Spotlight on Autism Awareness, and is being extended into a full length fic. Second Chances was originally written for Fandom 4 Tsunami, and will be extended in a slightly different way. It will be written in parts instead of chapters. So far two of the five parts have been written for different, and very worthwhile causes. The second part is included in the Fandom 4 Sexual Assault Awareness, third part is being written now, and will be included in the compilation benefitting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. All of the individual charities are close to my heart, but the cancer charities hold a special place. 10 years ago I lost my childhood friend turned first love turned best friend, Josh Robinson. He was an amazing man, friend, spirit. I will always do anything I can to raise funds and awareness, in his memory. In his honor. I hope that you find this blog useful!